Reasons Why You Should Be Installing A Straight Staircase In Your Home

Today there are so many different designs for which staircases are made to. However, the classic straight staircase is still a common sight in most houses regardless of these new designs. So here is why you also should be sticking to this classic.

Cost effective

When there are so many elements included and different complex designs to be incorporated, the cost automatically rises even for merbau stairs. As a result, something that you could have completed with a few hundred bucks ends up becoming a major construction of thousands of dollars. However, if you were to go for the classic straight stairs it is cost effective and safer than any other.


Another factor that this sort of staircase kits offer is simplicity. There is definitely beauty in simple things and you can make them seem great with the little details you incorporate in to them. However, with complex designs making things work to suit your house or home is difficult. They may not work aesthetically nor spaciously. Therefore, sticking to classics seem to always work!

Better a view

Sometimes with certain stairs you can’t really tell if someone is coming down or not. So, you end up unconsciously bumping in to them. However, with a straight stair case you can easily see everything including who might be climbing down while you are going down and vice versa. This reduces the chances for accidents as well.

Ease in constructing

There is not much work that goes in to building a straight stair case. It just goes straight and up. Therefore, when it comes to constructing these the time limit and ease are factors that could be easily checked off. However, with complex designs a lot of thought needs to go in to not only designing them but also constructing them.


When you need to make certain changes or upgrades of some sort in terms of the height and whatnot, unlike with complex designs here you can easily switch without much effort. So the flexibility factor is guaranteed.


Unlike complex designs of stairs where these unwanted spiralling and uneven stairs, the straight kind is rather direct and safer. Thus making it the perfect design especially in houses with little kids or elderly people.

Detailing is easier

Just because the stairs are rather straight forward doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. The nature of these stairs offers a lot of options that you can incorporate as a part of the detailing. So incorporate such stairs in to your home and experience the above benefits yourself!