Different Rules To Be Followed In Trivia Event Nights

Trivia host are basically the individuals who usually hosts in different trivia nights as well as they might performs in different activities held in trivia nights. There are different purposes since organizing of trivia nights for instance, the major purpose is to collect the money for charity purpose and whereas other purposes involves since generating the money for the organization who usually organizes such night, where celebrities, comedians as well as models are commonly invited in these nights. In this night usually people performs in different sorts of groups with group size of five to ten individuals in the group and performs different activities on the stage for showing their activities around the audience and panel of judge. After performing of each team, at the ending phase each group is given different scoring by the panel of judges.

There are different rules to be followed by the participants who might participate in trivia nights and we are going to discuss in brief. Trivia nights are usually organized for fun and fundraising purpose where in each table six people get united in form of group where they answer for the different questions, where not more than six questions are asked. The group performs in form of team where the group captain is supposed to answer the questions. The questions asked among different groups are usually selected by committee of trivia night. Performing of the event, each group are asked to collect the packets for each round where they are supposed to answer the questions and panel of judges at last give different scoring of specific group.

Since for giving a single correct answer the team is awarded by 1 point where there are 10 points in each round where giving correct answer, the team gets points. The group is not allowed to keep cell phones, laptops, tablets, reference material is strictly prohibited when group is answering for different question, otherwise kicked out from the game at the spot and the team is declared as loser at the same moment. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be drink in different rounds and at the ending phase of the game the prizes are distributed among first three winning teams.

We have discussed different rules and regulations as above which are might be followed in trivia nights by different groups. There are number of trivia company who usually organize these trivia nights every weekend and this trend is also increasing among other countries around the globe too. For checking other rules and regulations of trivia nights, the one might also visit different websites of the trivia night organizer’s companies as majority of companies are also operated with their official websites.